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Fully Enjoy Akihabara Tour

From authentic Kanda Myoujin Shrine to Maid Cafe : Discover Japan through Akihabara! (Lunch at Maid café included)

This tour offers you a chance to fully enjoy Akihabara, nicknamed AKIBA, well known to be “a mecca for otaku” and “the center of Japanese subculture,” as well as to discover the history, tradition, culture and spirit of Japan through AKIBA, the town of wonder.

Professional guides (*) will introduce you to the charm of Japanese pop culture and Akihabara, that always attract the world. *: All guides are members of Akihabara Tourism Promotion Association and National Government Licensed guide interpreters.



Discover Japanese craftsman spirit visiting

Shops dealing with electrical parts, figurines, dolls and their parts, scale models, toy capsules, Japanese traditional stamps, the latest modeled gaming PC, so on.



Learn history and tradition visiting

Former ship pool site, old Manseibashi station, Kanda shrine (Kanda Myojin shrine).



Experience extraordinary worlds visiting

The best and popular maid café, and costume play goods shop.



Check the unique businesses in Akihabara with

Rental show cases, hot-pot dish vending machine, so on.



Try, and get hooked?

Games and print-club machines of amusement arcades, dioramas of train rails, etc.

If you like, please try them! (Additional expense)

Enjoy lunch at the best and popular maid café and experience “omotenashi” or hospitality culture of AKIBA (lunch is included).

Welcome by cute maids greeting “Welcome back home, master and mistress!” and one step into the café – enjoy the extraordinary experience!

*If you had any food requirements because of allergies or religions, please read tour remarks carefully.

By the end of the tour, you may feel like a connoisseur of AKIBA culture, finding yourself to be a fan of Akihabara!

Remarks : Please read carefully before you book the tour.

Tour time : 9:00 – 17:00
(can be changed as per your
Meeting time: 15 min. before the starting time.
Tour duration : 8 hours.

1.Photo shooting: Taking photos in shops is prohibited for copyrights reasons. In addition, taking photos of maids handing  out fliers on the streets and pedestrians are also prohibited for privacy protection. The tourist guide will instruct where  you can take photos. Please follow the guide’s instructions.

2.You walk through commercial area. Please follow the guide’s instructions not to cause trouble with general customers in    the area.

3.Do not get separated from the tourist guide.

4.This is the walking tour. Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes to move around in.

5.The places to visit may change due to the conditions of weather, traffic or guests, and/ or circumstances that beyond our  control.

6.The tour will be canceled if the guests did not show up for more than 30 minutes from meeting time without notice (No    refund).

7.Tour will finish on time as scheduled without completing the itinerary, if guests were late to the meeting time and/or any    other reasons due to guests caused delay on tour time. However the tour can be extended to complete the itinerary per      request. The additional charge will be applied for extension (1000 yen per 30mins).

8.Tour price includes : Maid café admission fee (lunch included)

9.Lunch is arranged at the maid café. If you had any food requirements because of your religion, health or any other          reason, please inform us in advance. If the maid café unable to accommodate your requirements, we may arrange other      dining options and you may still enjoy a drink at the maid café. *Please indicate any food requirements in the comment        section at the time of booking.


■Measures to prevent the spread of infection

We ask your corporation to prevent spreading COVID-19.

Please ware your mask during the tour.

Please cover your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissues etc. when sneezing or coughing.

Person falls under any of the following conditions will not be allowed to participate to the tour. Please confirm each condition listed below.

①Person who traveled overseas within 14 days of the tour day, or had close contact with someone who returned from other countries within 14 days of the tour day.

②Person who had one of the following symptoms within 14 days of the tour day: fever, cough, taste disorders.

③Person with any of the following symptoms :

Have a temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher.

Have cold-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneeze, sore throat etc.)

Fatigue, or shortness of breath

Feel unwell or have concern on physical condition

Please refer to the terms and condition for cancellation due to the symptoms listed in 3.