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Edo to Tokyo, Past and Present

Experience and discover the history and culture of Tokyo, through interesting stories of Shogun!

Have you ever heard of Japanese words Edo and Shogun? From the early 17th century to the middle of the 19th century, Tokyo was called Edo, and Tokugawa Shogun, the head of samurai (warrior- administrators) government, ruled Japan. This unique tour is designed to introduce you some anecdotes of Shogun and related sites.

National certified guides will make this tour something different and very enjoyable by sharing many interesting episodes of Shogun from Edo era at each place.

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Tsukiji outer market and Namiyoke Inari shrine

Tsukiji inner market for professional buyers, once famous for tuna auction, was moved and now located in Toyosu. However, the outer market for ordinary customers keeps the business running in Tsukiji with vigor. You will see almost all ingredients and foodstuff for Japanese cuisine, as well as cooking utensils and tableware, that attract shop lovers. And one place you can’t miss in this site is Namiyoke Inari shrine, that tells you the unique history of this area.



Hama-Rikyu garden

This place once was a second house for Tokugawa Shogun and often used for entertaining his guests. When you get into the special part of this garden, where Shogun used only for his guests, you will feel like the guest invited by Shogun. Please enjoy the extraordinary view, sharp contrast of old atmosphere of the garden and skyscrapers around. It’s really something. Actually, there are unique features in this garden which make this garden different from other gardens. Please listen to your guide’s explanation.



Sumida river

By taking a boat ride, you will be ahead to Asakusa which is the most famous tourist spot from Edo era. In Edo era, transportation was mainly done by using rivers and cannels. And Sumida river was the main stream for that. During 1 hour cruise, you will pass under 12 bridges and each bridge has its own history. By approaching to Asakusa, current Land mark of Tokyo, Tokyo Skytree welcomes you.




Let’s visit Senso-ji, the oldest Buddhist temple in Tokyo, and Asakusa shrine. Pass under Kaminarimon, symbolic gate with a big red lantern, the entrance of approach to the temple. You will be fascinated by a lot of souvenir shops and candy stores of “Edo taste,” lining the both sides of the approach. One step to a side street with old Edo atmosphere, and you’ll see warm- hearted local people. This place is just like a theme park of Edo, that makes you feel like you are traveling Asakusa in Edo era. In addition to Shogun’s episode, your guide will show you the evidence of a harsh air raid during WWII.



Akihabara – History and culture of Tokyo

The last place you will visit is Akihabara, well known as a mecca for Otaku. You will enjoy discovering the history and culture of Japan through Akihabara, visiting the site to see Japanese pop culture including figurines of characters, costume play goods and toy capsules, and parts market that is the symbol of electric town Akihabara and craftsman spirit of Japan, and very famous Kanda-myojin shrine which has very close relationship with Shogun.

If you like, let’s stop at a maid café for a break. (Additional expense)

Remarks : Please read carefully before you book the tour.

Tour time : 9:00 – 17:00
(can be changed as per your
Meeting time: 15 min. before the starting time.
Tour duration : 8 hours.

1.There is no tour on the day Hamarikyu Garden is closed (Dec. 29~Jan.1).

2.Tukiji Outer Market is closed on Sunday and national holidays. Some shops may be closed on Wednesdays.

3.This tour uses public transportations and you are supposed to walk long distance. Please wear comfortable clothes and    shoes to move around in.

4.The itinerary or places to visit may change due to the conditions of weather, traffic or guests, and/or circumstances that    beyond our control (No refund).

5.Depending on your conditions, the guide will offer short breaks occasionally, and may suggest some change of the            itinerary. (No refund for the change).

6.The tour will be canceled if the guests did not show up for more than 30 minutes from meeting time without notice (No    refund).

7.Tour will finish on time as scheduled without completing the itinerary, if the guests were late to the meeting time and/or    any other reasons due to the guests caused delay on tour time. However the tour can be extended to complete the

itinerary per request. The additional charge will be applied for extension (NNN yen per 30mins).

8.Tour price includes: train fare in Tokyo, admission to Hamarikyu Garden, water bus fare.

9.Lunch is not included. The tourist guide will take you to a dining place. If you have any food requirements because of your  religions, health, or other reasons, please inform us in advance.

*Please indicate in the comment section at the time of booking.



■Measures to prevent the spread of infection

We ask your corporation to prevent spreading COVID-19.

Please ware your mask during the tour.

Please cover your mouth with a mask, handkerchief, tissues etc. when sneezing or coughing.

Person falls under any of the following conditions will not be allowed to participate to the tour. Please confirm each condition listed below.

①Person who traveled overseas within 14 days of the tour day, or had close contact with someone who returned from other countries within 14 days of the tour day.

②Person who had one of the following symptoms within 14 days of the tour day: fever, cough, taste disorders.

③Person with any of the following symptoms :

Have a temperature of 37.5°C (99.5°F) or higher.

Have cold-like symptoms (fever, cough, sneeze, sore throat etc.)

Fatigue, or shortness of breath

Feel unwell or have concern on physical condition

Please refer to the terms and condition for cancellation due to the symptoms listed in 3.